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Resurrect the Insurgence (2015 digital version)

by Katagory V

Ascension 01:12
Crash Down 05:53
Time to make a change To what we have known so long. Wait for the answer; Patience will be the reward. Our day will come. Hard is the hill we climb. Steadfast, we keep moving up. Far away is the goal we seek, Keeping score in our hearts. Our day will come. Rise up! Bring it to the top! We will fight or fail! Tell us now: will they believe, Or will it all crash down to the ground? Tell us now: will we believe, Or will it all crash down to the ground? Cold is the air we breathe, Kept warm with hope in our souls. Look out toward the future And pray for a brand new day. Solo— K. Krompel Repeat Chorus
Sensual addiction—you stole my heart, Which blinded me to the truth about you. Sexual mission—you played me for a fool And lied about your intentions. Sinister seduction…sinister seduction… Body attraction—all I want, all I need: Just to be inside you one more time. Distant emotion—you left me standing here With my heart bleeding in my hands. Sinister seduction…sinister seduction… Sinister! Sinister! Your tasteless drama—you upstage yourself With an act just to get what you wanted. Thief of desire—now there is nothing left To take from me, but you still want more. Solo—K. Krompel Your sinister seduction! Your sinister seduction! Sinister seduction! You’re sinister!
Far Too Long 06:12
Intro Solo—M. Hanson Standing in a sea of emotions, Calling out your name. Do you hear me crying, (“One more time, one more night?”) So long I lived through this lie, Wanting to make the best. We’ve grown apart after all this time; (Last moments, lost feelings.) Far too long, we’ve held on. We have lost our way somehow. Far too long, we’ve held on. When did we fail? What can we do when we fall from grace? (What can we do when we fall from grace?) Will the children cry when we’ve cut the ties? No more time for heartache, no more time for lies. (No more time for lies.) What can we do when we fall from grace? Trying to make things work out, Finding it’s not for us. So different in the beginning: (Last moments, lost feelings.) Confused are those close to us; A perfect pair in their eyes. Now the truth comes out and lifts the veil. (Hearts bleeding, eyes open.) Repeat Pre-chorus and Chorus Solo—K. Krompel Repeat Chorus
Drawing the blade in my defense against the ignorance, Pushing you back, keeping you out. Nothing on this earth will change the way I feel; Forcing you back, forcing you out. Bleed for me, tyrant of souls. Victory will be mine. Cry for me, cowering fool; your lies against my truth. (My truth!) Feel the sharpness of my words Cutting you deep inside your heart. This is my insurrection. Taste the bitter pill of defeat. Consume the logic that I speak. This is my insurrection. Speaking without thinking of what you say, Killing your words, smashing your dreams. Placing the blame on everyone except yourself, Holding you back, keeping you down. Repeat Pre-chorus and Chorus Solo—K. Krompel Repeat Verse I, Verse II, Pre-chorus, and Chorus Outro solo—K. Krompel
Get Awesome 07:41
(Instrumental) Acoustic solo—K. Krompel Electric Solo—M. Hanson Outro solo—M. Hanson
I’m afraid I don’t remember how it happened, But I do recall the end result. One blurry, chemically-induced romantic night Had shaped our future. It’s all my fault. How could I bring a life into this world When mine had only just begun? When the sins of the father May one day be the sins of the son, Could our children’s children ever show us how The struggle of life is won? Ten years have passed, and I can not tell you his first word, Who’s his hero, or his best friend’s name, But I can tell you what I had to drink last night When I was watching the football game. I hope he won’t grow up to be like me, ‘Cause it’s too late for me to change. Repeat Chorus I Solo—K. Krompel Another decade, and my boy has one of his own, But he doesn’t even have a job. To work would take away from all the fun he has Down at the tavern. When will it stop? He has become so irresponsible. I wonder where he gets it from. And the sins of the father Have now become the sins of the son. Let’s hope that our children’s children choose To never be what we have become… What we have become… When will it end?
I Am Change 06:46
Intro solo—M. Hanson (Once,) A pact was formed among the valley’s kings. (Their goal:) To move the world with what they’d play and sing. (Risk) And sacrifice were all that they had known. (For years,) They fought with hope to see their legions grow. (Then) One day a chain within the link had loosened. (The fear) Of resignation from the throne had heightened. (One) By one the heroes gave up and departed. (Nothing) Could reignite the fire they had started. Just when it seemed (Just when it seemed) Like the ending of a dream, (Up from the ruins) Up from the ruins I arose: a new regime! I am your new stepfather, I’m your black president, And when your boss leaves, I will be the company’s replacement. Whether or not you like it, things will be rearranged. I’m unavoidable; I am change! (Met) With scrutiny by those who knew it well. (I knew) This sound would never be an easy sell. (They) Won’t always welcome you with open arms, (So now) I hope that I can win them with my charms. (Stress) Is building up with all these expectations. (So much) depends upon me for our reputation. (Now) I worry that my choices must be perfect. (I have) But only one chance to appease our subjects. And though it seems (And though it seems) Like there’s nothing to redeem, (I’ll keep my head up) I’ll keep my head up and devise a winning scheme. Repeat Chorus Solo—K. Krompel (Bound) Together by integrity and passion, (We’ll put) Our plan of domination into action. (Life) Goes on for those of us who want to live it. (You’ll see!) For us, progression is a force of habit. And so I’ll say, (And so I’ll say,) “Join or get out of the way!” (I’ll make my entrance) I’ll make my entrance and proclaim, “I’m here to stay!” I am your new stepfather. I’m your black president. Whether or not you like it, I’m unavoidable.
Screaming and yelling From three separate threats. Outnumbered and out of control: Your presence dictates my own survival. A thick blanket of darkness Blackens unfamiliar streets. The fear inside makes me tremble, And terror aids my fast moving feet. You stole my dignity and broke my soul. There’s no way out, no where to go. How can you hold my life in your hands? I’m not as fast as your trigger Or as shocking as your plan. How can you hold my life in your hands? I’m not stronger than metal that shakes in your hand. How can you hold? Killing this flesh won’t kill who I am. Night by night, You terrorize my dreams. These thoughts inside me: anger and rage. I can’t let go of this, the hell you bring. Your deeds have created this wounded soul. There’s no where to run, no where to go. Repeat Chorus I Solo—K. Krompel Your aggression makes me sick. You hide behind your wicked gun. You drag me out to this desolate place. You’ll end me here, and then you’ll run. You’re no more than a lazy coward. You can’t make your life without stealing mine. Be a man and work with your hands. Lose the facade. You’ve stolen my thoughts. Now I’m less than whole. I can’t wake up: no where to go. How can you hold my life in your hands? I’m not as fast as your trigger Or as shocking as your plan. How can you hold my life in your hands? I’m not stronger than metal that shakes in your hand. How can you hold? Killing this flesh can’t kill who I am. No trigger or slug can change who I am.
We should have seen all of the obvious warning signs When our affair had started behind a wall of lies. Married so young, I was afraid to be all alone. Life wasn’t good, but it’s the life that I’d always known. You would forsake a friendship you’ve had for many years To win the girl you’ve wanted through all these nights of tears. Thought that a quick escape would prove to our benefit, But we had never thought of all of the consequences. There are no solutions left for you and me. Can’t you see the writings on the wall? It’s no use trying to be what we shouldn’t be. Can’t you see the writings on the wall? Can’t you see the writings on the wall? Can’t you see the writings on the wall? Now that we live together, all of the magic’s gone. We criticize each other for what is going wrong. Bridges are burning between us and the ones we love. What will it take for us to say that we’ve had enough? You give the silent treatment. I start to call you names. Neither of us believe that we have ourselves to blame. Now we continue drinking life from an empty cup. We dragged our children in this only to screw them up. Repeat Chorus I Solo—M. Hanson I’ll no longer wallow in my misery. I have seen the writings on the wall. These chains could never bind me. I have broken free. I have seen the writings on the wall. I have seen the writings on the wall.


released May 1, 2015

Albert Rybka – Vocals
Dustin Mitchell – Bass
Kris Krompel – Guitar
Marc Hanson – Guitar
Matthew “Bizzaro” LeFevre – Drums

Additional musicians:
Jordan Jennings – Keyboards

Background vocals performed by the “Kata-Choir”:
Norman Skinner, Shane Provostgaard, John Yelland , and Albert Rybka

Recorded, produced and engineered by Dustin Mitchell
Recorded April through December 2010 at “The Kave” Studios, Midvale, Utah

Mixed and mastered by Dennis Ward
March 2011, Karlsdorf-Neuthard, Germany

Cover art by Matthew “Bizzaro” LeFevre

The band would like to thank the following for their help and support during the creation of this album, supported the Indiegogo campaign, and stuck it out through think and think:

Dennis Ward for his amazing talent, patience, and guidance, Matt Coe, Norman Skinner, Darrin Goodman, Shane Provostgaard and Sonic Prophecy, Jordan Jennings, Mike Theriot, Matt Suiter, Curtis Morrell, Rob Lambros, The Street and Club Abyss (RIP), Henry Morano, Christoper Kinder, Casey Frederick, John Yelland, Chad Anderson and Disforia, Tyler Gipson, Cody Lueck of Shadowseer, The Iron Maidens, Jake “I will hump you for your Twisted Tower Dire shirt!” Rogers and the Visigoth clan, Shaye and Urban Breed, Doug “Shitter’s full!!!” Varnue, Lance King, Ethan Bowen, Dan Coxey, Kip “Kipper Snack,” and the Davidian crew, Ian Ringler, everyone in the Imagika camp (RIP), Scott and Reveeler, Steve Bishop, Mike “Bulldog,” Austin Dixon, Mindwarp Chamber, Lydian Sea, Eden’s Fall, David Lowery and the Trichordist, The Progpower USA extended family, those that donated to the (failed) Indiegogo campaing - THIS IS FOR YOU! And, anyone else we may have forgotten, Sorry - maybe next time...?


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Katagory V Salt Lake City, Utah

Katagory V is an American heavy metal band from Salt Lake City, Utah that formed in 1999. Katagory V has released five studio albums. Their first album "Present Day" was released in 2001, and the band's most recent work "Resurrect the Insurgence" was released in 2015 and re-released in 2024. The band has reformed and is currently working on their 6th album. ... more

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